There's a lot more to legal than litigation.

Have you arranged your will? Is your estate in order? Are you paying too much tax? Is your business legally protected? Are you drowning in property paperwork you don't understand or haven't got the time to deal with?

Liddle Perrett Legal offers you a number of services that can save you time, stress... and money.

The Liddle Perrett Legal team combines specialist skills from across the entire legal spectrum to ensure that our clients are exceptionally well represented and their requirements fully met.

We pride ourselves on providing something extra for our clients. Alongside legal tasks being handled with minimal fuss, we find ways for clients to further benefit from our expertise.

We can...

  • Mitigate inheritance tax
  • Manage your estate, providing the most for your loved ones
  • Minimise your tax bill within HMRC regulations and guidelines
  • Remove the stress from buying and selling property
  • Reduce the chance of costly legal disputes for your business

Do you have a Will in place?

Your Will is vital to ensure that your estate is distributed in good time, and according to your wishes. Liddle Perrett Legal's team of Will writing experts are highly qualified and highly experienced...

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Estate Planning.

Making the most of your estate takes careful and diligent financial planning. At Liddle Perrett Legal we use our financial expertise to make sure your estate provides your desired recipients with as much income as you had hoped...

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